Monday, February 15, 2010


ingin kenali dia, lalu
ku belek buku-buku lama

sebelum itu
maafkan aku tuhan
kiranya aku berdosa ?

The positive side of Scorpio:

The Scorpion man or woman generally knows what he or she wants out of life. She is determined person. She sees something through to the end. The Scorpion is quite sincere, and seldom says anything she doesn't mean. When she sets a goal for herself she tries to go about achieving it in a very direct way.

The Scorpion is brave and courageous. They are not afraid of hard work. Obstacles do not frighten them. They forge ahead until they achieve what they set out for. The Scorpion man or woman has a strong will.

Although the Scorpion may seem rather fixed and determined, inside she is often quite tender and loving. She can care very much for others. She believes in sincerity in all relationship. Her feeling about someone tend to last; they are profound and not superficial.

The Scorpio person is someone who adheres to her principles no matter what happens. She will not be deterred from a path she believes to be right.

Because of many posititive strengths, the Scorpion can often achieve happiness for herself and for those that she loves.

She is a constructive person by nature. She often has a deep understanding of people and of life, in general. She is a positive person who enjoys winning. She has many strengths and resources; challenge of any sort often brings out the best of her.

The negative side of scorpio : ( hanya kupilih satu)

The Scorpion often has a sudden, violent temper; and this person's interest in sex is sometimes
quite unbalanced or excessive.

hanya tuhan yang maha tahu..


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  2. kepada yang berbintang scorpion barangkali

  3. Salam Zawawi Aziz,

    "saya kira saya boleh meneka siapakah dia itu (?), mungkin saya silap",